a 22-year-old funky monkey from the high seas, Philippines

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"Hakuna Matata" - some random Disney animal

I can't say I really know much about myself, but I guess I'll start with 10 things I DO know:

1. I am a self-confessed anime addict. Not into cosplay much, but I really like fanfics and doujins...

2. I have a very messed up sense of responsibility. So messed up, in fact, that I got sent to military school because I was too lazy to fill out my college application form.

3. My friends are the most important thing in the world to me and I could and would not bear it if they suddenly disappear from my life.

4. I am an attention whore. Yes. Whore. That's how much I love it when the spotlight shines on me.

5. I self-studied the Japanese language. Sure, I can't actually hold a straight conversation in the blasted language, but I still love it so much that my brain automatically processes and translates manga lines whenever I read them.

6. I'm a grammar freak. Sure, I may not be perfect... but for simple mistakes, I find that my ears suddenly start buzzing and my fingers just itch to change spelling/grammar mistake made.

7. I'm a habitual liar. Self-explanatory...

8. I can survive a whole week without food if you leave me with fast internet, a computer, a TV/DVD set, and a stash of good 'ol anime... Like a friend once told me : "We addicts are a different species altogether.

9. I may like KPop... but really, my bias will be, forever and always, DBSK. There's no changing that 

10. I'm surprised that I got to ten, considering how lazy I am...

So... I think that sums up pretty much all the basic stuff about me. If there's anything else, I'll be posting it here... although there's only a veeeeeeeeeery slim chance of that happening ^^;

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