a 32-year-old

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"Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it. And, eventually they will, believe it." Adolf Hitler.

I've always been more or less a hundred and fifty pound powder puff, and most of those that I knew in high school probably remember me as the wimp that runs out of the ring during kumite. 

Typically, I do not say a lot. 

But when I feel pain I scream.

If I continue to feel pain the scream gets louder.

As far as the Internet goes, it is a place like no other. 

Someone told me once, a long time ago, that she thought that the Internet was like a sewage line. 

As I see it, it's not like a sewage line at all. 

It is a thing to be experienced. Also, as I see it, it is the ideal place, because is is not like a real-world place with a physically tangible location, the ideal place to jump up and scream. 

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