a 21-year-old gentleman from Nowhere in Particular, United States

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"You don't end it just because things get bad. You stick it out for the people you care about, because when you're around people you love... There will always be something worth fighting for." --Clementine

Wooooords, glorious wooooooooooooords...

Hello, my name is Monte, and I'm just a 20-year-old dork from Lawrence, Kansas.  I came to protagonize searching for a way to improve my writing skills, and to hopefully have some fun doing it.

As stated above, I am in need of bettering my writing finesse, so I am free to review/critique/read any work you suggest to me.  However, I try to be truthful...   So don't get defensive if I offer up honest criticism.

Have a collab?  Need people?  There is a 95% chance that I know someone who would be interested in helping you out, and there is a 100% chance of that person being me.

Things I enjoy:

  • The Walking Dead Game (Clementine = greatest)
  • Music in general
  • Theatre
  • Musical Theatre (imagine that!)
  • Books
  • Go (15 kyu on KGS)
  • Tabletop Gaming (like D&D, M&M, and other games that don't have an "&" sign inbetween the two commonly abbreviated words)

My favorite comic series is a three-way tie between Saga, Batwoman (New 52), and The Walking Dead.

My favorite musical is RENT, with Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Book of Mormon, and Into the Woods close behind.

Reccommended Protagonize Authors

@Selenas - One of the very few writers on this site whose works are consistently good.  A perfect example of an upcoming young writer - and one that you should check out.  Try her Nature's Pretty Children or 21 Years Later.

@cassandramorrow - If you haven't heard of her, you're lying.  I can't scroll past a cassandramorrow story without giving it a once-over (at the very least).  Without a doubt the best writer I've seen in my age group.  I'm personally enamored by Tainted Saint.

@GardeniasCastle - Not only is she one of the fastest-rising authors on this site, but she is also a fantastic person.  Probably the greatest Romance-writer I've seen in quite a while around these parts.  Try her In love with Mafia's Son.

@Inconspicious - Did I mention I like Fantasy?  This guy is totally my bro, and writing Death March with him was more than a blast.  Such a brilliant mind for fantasy - check out Evil.

@CassieK - Enormously popular, and fantastic to collaborate with.  The only two collabs I've been in that haven't crashed and burned immediately have been with her, and that's no coincidence.  So excited to Death March it up w/ her again!  Check out tides of alpha.

Some of my characters

  • Dre - Death March by CassieK (dead)
  • Damian - Finding Ourselves by DismalDread (dead)
  • Joe Carpenter - Sparkles and Kisses by frosty_the_lindo (dead)
  • Tim - The Catastrophic Games of you and me by GardeniasCastle
  • Randus Duthane - The Dice Roller Game!!! by frosty_the_lindo
  • Edmond - New Light by chimerakiller2

Some of my stories

Now that you know some useless information about me...  Invite me to a collab or something!  I would be very happy to hear from you.  :)


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