a 54-year-old man from Hampshire, United Kingdom

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"I’ll tell you somethin’ about kindness Gus. It always comes free of charge - if it doesn’t it’s something else dressed up as kindness."

I write.  

My poetry is usually written in free verse but not exclusively so. I've written prose that contains humorous, gritty, social comment. Currently my main enthusiasm is centred on writing prose of genre/literary fiction.  I'm least enthusiastic about reading SF, fan fiction and steampunk.

My debut novel is currently out for agents' consideration. The quote on the right is taken from it.  The MS is good enough to make it into print but it probably never will. 

Like everyone else, I want people to read what I write otherwise the circle's incomplete.  I value comment and opinion and will reciprocate for those who make the effort.  However my own commentary will not be restricted to the work of  those members who read and comment on my stuff.

That my profile picture might be considered non-pc is irrelevant to me.  

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