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"'would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?' -Gerard Way"

What is cool? I don't entirely understand how if you're not 'cool' then you are isolated for being different. Small things like music, a hair colour, makeup etc can totally change peoples views on each other. Liking different things doesn't mean you should be labelled. There's a saying that I've heard so many times but I never really thought twice about it 'never judge a book by its cover.' This book could be crumpled to pieces, pages missing and creased however it could hold the most beautiful story inside it so think twice next time you look at a girl with black hair and straight away label her an 'emo'.

People have their own opinions on me, why should I care? If they keep that opinion to themselves there would be no problem, that's what they think and I can't change that and pretend to be something I'm not.. Maybe their right, maybe their wrong. Why should I change for someone that barely knows me? 

I can be quite an angry person; I take my anger out in the wrong way and I don't understand why? Maybe its stress, or over tiredness but that is a part of who I am. I get annoyed at myself when I don't do something right or can't be as good as someone else but I have my own talents which makes me me and I need to learn to live my life and stop worrying about other peoples opinions.

I express a lot of how I feel through writing and poetry, its a way of escaping to a totally different world created by me. A place without anger or pain, somewhere beautiful, like a dream that you don't want to wake up from. Maybe not all teachers enjoy my work or writing but why should I care? Yes, I want good grades and to show my skills with creative writing however my writing means something to me that not everyone understands. My punctuation may not be fantastic and I may not use massive words but my writing is my view on life.

I have a lot of crazy obsessions, especially with Gerard Way. His quotes are what i live by now and he is a very wise man, not just with music. I am not the most talented artist but I enjoy drawing and doodling to take my mind off of things. Life is not perfect but neither am I.

I enjoy to read when I get the time, I'm not the fastest reader but I like to read slowly and savour every single word and watch the book come to life in my head. Reading is one of my ways of escaping reality into a happier or more magical place.

I don't believe in judging people, especially if the only thing you know about them is there name. You don't know what goes on behind close doors. 

The world is a very beautiful place but people need to learn to be quiet and listen to the scenery and animals, they may not be around for long with the way that we're going. I am not a vegetarian but I'd love to be. I am to addicted to meat to give it up so I have tried to promise myself that I will cut down on meat to help to save some land and animals. This quote 'if slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian'. It may not mean anything to anyone else but after reading between the lines and searching more about animal cruelty this meant something to me.

Horse riding is a very big part of my life and I love my loan pony. Horses are amazing creatures to bond with. They listen and watch you're every move, it may take a while to bond properly however once you have that special bond it will never be broken. Monty Roberts changed my views enitrely and I would urge any horse enthusiasts to pick up his autobiography and listen to his views.

People say I look and act older for my age but I don't want to group up too quickly, enjoy being  a kid and doing childish stuff with friends and having fun. Growing up too quickly is just wasting your childhood, you're only a kid once so enjoy it you have plenty of time to grow up.

Music is very important to me. It changes my moods, opinions and how I act. I tend to like different music to everyone else none of that rhianna rubish i prefer bands like The Beatles, My Chemical Romance, The Ramones etc. That's what I like so there is no point arguing what music is better.

To be completely honest I don't have a clue what I want to do in the future. Its quite a scary thought. My rough idea of plans though would be: I would love to take up writing seriously; get to understand horses more; explore the world with a completely new attitude; and i would like to start a family one day. I'm not into big, flashy, glamourous stuff. Plain and simple is just as good.

I enjoy history a lot, I find what happened interesting and I think everyone should have a general knowledge of what went on in the past.

My message to anyone having trouble with there life is to love yourself for who you are and my way of getting over my problems is with music, art, riding and writing. Whatever makes you happy or something that you want to do..DO IT! You only live once. You don't want to be on your death bed thinking 'why did I not do that?' 

Remember people are going to judge no matter what. It happens humans can be very cruel species but everyone gets judged at some point and just think to yourself 'I am perfect in my own way'. 

I spent a long time thinking about this one evening when I wasn't myself, I was pretty down. Mainly because I had an identity crisis I guess, I came to terms with how I would describe the 'popular' people at my school I guess 'populars' are a lot like vampires they live off of peoples shame, embarrassment, sadness etc. They suck the life and beauty out of unique people which is totally ridiculous and I guess these vampires want to turn others on to there side and if not then that is literally the end of there teenage life..The world is a cruel place but NEVER change for anyone, you're too good for them.

I can be quite an insecure person. I'm never happy with how I look, I think I care too much about what other people think. Fashion magazines like vogue can really make me look at myself and wonder why I can't be that skinny or look like them. I guess everybodys different though, you can't change that or hide who you are. I think every girl should stop reading these magazines and stop believing that is how they should look. When you think about it models have all kinds of specialists to make them look 'perfect', its much better to be naturally beautiful rather than 'fake'. Everyone should stop trying to care, you're all beautiful.

- And that is the world through my eyes.

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