a 56-year-old fellow from Winnipeg, Canada

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"Keep them guessing. Where is the nut in a game of three card monty. The one betting he will win."

I Dabble in poetry and science fiction, and horror stories. Been busy dabbling in two styles. Have had some of my poetry published in a magazine of people with mental disorders as I have two one is schizophrenia and depression.  

Have had a rough life, learned to fight as a youth to stay alive, am misunderstood.  Was married in the eighties to a girl whom I met in high school. Married her, when she hit eighteen.  Was unable to keep a job, so she became an exotic dancer. Divorced me, when she finally went back to school.  

Living with a girl who has CP. Also has depression, we love ourselves emensely.  Am now relooking for work, but that is niot why I am here.  My interests in writing started when I was a youth.

I was dedicated to annoy anyone friend or foe. Teachers were first and formost in my desire to fight.  A teacher told me, a report had to be thirty pages or longer. I asked, how many pages longer?  He gave me no response. Thus 120 page report was what he received.

Another said,"Gramatically english."

I asked, are you sure.  

Yes, there for he got his report in german, they have the same grammer. Do they not.

I like Black Company by GLen Cook.

Also Dark Heresy by the writers of Warhammer 40, 000

and Steve ERickson The Malazan book of the fallen.

Music R&R, blues, ballads

Expect the unexpected in my work.

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