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"it's a tie Thus, I refute the huggle of the technicolor masses! -Neko Bonagura, aka NekoSerendipity (ya, i know the featured author of the week that has oct. 7th in it)! There would be banana hammocks everywhere! -Zach Braff as JD in scrubz."

I'm mitch loflin, I'm thirteen, and I'm in LOVE with music.  I'm a band geek (saxophone in jazz and marching band) and I write some music stuff (all instrumental, no lyrics).  Sometimes though i'll just write and then everything, though it's prose, comes back to music. It's my life 100% and so that's what you'll see from my page.  That's about it, so read my stuff as it comes up.  Also, if you couldn't tell from that little...thing i just wrote, i'm vastly opposed to capitalization where it goes in profiles.

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