a dame from On top of the Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

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"Those who dream by name are cognizant of many things, which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe

I never know where to start with these things. Other than, my name is Lor and I'm a too-old-for-my-tastes-self proclaimed geek who has returned to the world of Comics after being gone for so long (how I've missed you). I'm from Louisiana and no, I don't make Duck Calls and I don't have Gators in my backyard, though there are lots of other animals. I love food. I love naps. I'm new to Skype and I STILL don't understand the Twitter. I used to RP but that stuff's like crack so I had to cut myself off completely, though I still have my writing partner (hi Erin!).

As far as my writing goes, I have no idea. I just write. There's no big story from me on why I do it. I'm just like the rest of you who are obsessed with words and can't get them out other than on paper (or a computer screen).

I may or may not post anything on here because honestly, I'm scared crapless of someone reading something of mine. Chicken, much? Speaking of which, I love eggs and can't go a day without eating them.

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