a 19-year-old homeboy from Mooresville North Carolina, United States

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"The worst mistake is not to make any."

Hello. I'm Melissa, but I like Mel. I'm simply me. There's nothing special to tell, really. But feel free to ask, I'm always up for a conversation. So, have a lovely day, and do as you please when it comes to reading my stuff. x

Okay, so I've decided to add some more stuff here.

Well, I simply love to write. I've went through some things in my past, but I want to use them to make things better, and to improve life for others. That' why I'm writing The Diary Of Mel. I would like to get it published eventually. I want to get my story out there, and show that it really does get better. I'm living proof.


Music is another one of my passions. I play various instruments. (oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone, mallets, snare, mellophone, etc.) I plan on either becoming a journalist, or a band director. I'm still not sure yet. Also, I am really fascinated with England. I am trying to get into a study abroad program so I can learn over there next year. It's a dream of mine. I'm really interested in culture, and repairing the younger generation. I feel as if it's my job. Um, I have an amazing boyfriend, Ryan. (Not to be confused with the Ryan in The Diary of Mel!!) I'm extremely happy with him. I can almost guarantee that there will be some works about him, haha.

Also! I apologize that this is in no flowing order. I just have so many thoughts and nowhere to put them properly, so I just sorta wrote them down. And by the way, 90% of the time I'm on the site, I'm at school, so if I disappear that's why!

Well! Happy writing!


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