a 23-year-old homeboy from a rip in space-time

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"Some people survive in chaos and that is how they grow; And some people thrive in chaos, because chaos is all they know."

We go by many names; In others we are called Legion, for we are many- I kid.

I like being all secretive and spontaneous. If you were to call me anything, call me Bucky. Yeah, like the guy with the metal arm, I know.

I'm a Psych major from a land far, far, far, far away whose interests lie in writing, reading, singing and the occasional pop and lock (I do dance, yes). A proud owner of a beagle, a husky and a spitz and training them to be the next overlords of the universe.

I also wish for world peace, thank you.

I'm currently working on a multi-chaptered Humor/Mystery/Detective story and another of the psychological persuasion. Just a head's up. 

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