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"Literature Quote- Any Story Can Be Interesting as Long as It's the Right Person Telling It Love Quote- Anyone close to me can read my mind, it takes someone special to read my heart Life Quote- Live Every Day Like You Will Die Tomorrow, So If You Do Your Spirit Rests Peacefully Knowing It Lived A Good Life, And If You Live To Be A Healthy Age You Set Good Foundations And Left Great Memories Religious Quote- Faith Is Daring The Soul To Go Beyond What The Eyes Can See Quote of the Day- Stop F"

Hey Guys! My Name is Tatiana, I live in Alberta, Canada. Totally Amazing Place. I'm 14 years old and I started writing poetry when I was 11. The first poem I wrote was because my Gido (Gido=Ukrainian for grandpa) died, instead of crying I wrote a poem. I wanted to be an author since I was 8 but I don't understand how people can seperate stories into chapters and I don't understand how to write a story 200+ pages. My longest is 27 = P I totally <3 Protagonize, it gives me a way to show off my poetry and stories and have opinions from other people besides family/friends

So I totally love writing and creativity but I love sports and being active to. I horseback ride and play basketball at my school. I enjoy reading (just the other week I read nine books and for this week I'm on my fourth O.O) I have a bad computer obsession, haha, and have two totally annoying sisters who are constantly in my face because I spend too much time on the computer, not to mention my parents who nag me about it to = P I also have a nasty viscious cat that tries to bite everyone but me (Cause I Feed her ; ])

Any comments or critizism (I don't think I spelt that right :S) You have please post I'd love to learn how to improve my stories and poetry! I really hope you enjoy my posts and have a great day!!!!!


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