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"There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. - W.Somerset Maugham"

I keep reminding myself that this is  (optional, but highly recommended!).

Pardon me for my incoherent ,probably narcissistic,vague and highly monotonous rambling.

Look , I warned you.

Most of what I write is inspired . Lets face it. Most of what all of us write is inspired.

Here's a list of my favorite things :

  • Comics , I read a lot of them.
  • Manga , This probably has ruined most of my life.
  • Chiptune , Remember Mario ?
  • Puzo, Matthew Reilly, James Rollins, Rowling, Kipling, Doyle,Rushkin Bond,Colfer The list probably goes on (And Yes : Neil Gaimann ,Ludlum,Riordan,Vikram Seth, My Mom. )
  • Mangaka I Love : Naoki Urasawa, Tsutomu Nihei, Hiroshi Takahashi., Osamu Tezuka,Takehiko Inoue.
  • Open-source
  • xkcd , Randall you ROCK \m/
  • Minute Physics
  • StackExchange
  • Mathematica
  • Stephen Wolfram
  • J-Drama, Japanese (The Language) and everything Japanese
  • Conspiracy Theory, Alternative Realities, Future Scenarios.
  • Pokémon , Gotta Catch 'em All ! !
  • Calvin and Hobbes

There are pretty more from where those came from.I'll probably tell you more if we get to know each other better.By the way you probably wouldn't have met somebody as underconfident of their own work as me .

Imagine you have a glass bowl (Hemispherical ). Turn it over. Now place a marble on top of it. That marble, is me.

Viva La Relativity ! !(now imagine Einstein with a Che cap and a chewing on a Cuban cigar)

About my name : It is from a Manga by Nihei Tsutomu called Blame! 「ブラム|ぶらむ」 Killy is the protagonist's name.

Languages I know :

  • English ( duh O.o )
  • हिंदी 
  • a very meager にほんご 
  • I did learn some संस्कृत at school ; Its all very cloudy
  • I can also speak some தமிழ்
  • [ In case you see wired boxes ; Get a  Unicode Font that supports Indic languages and East Asian Scripts ]

P.S. No Points if you spot a Capital Error. If you do, Tell me.

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