a 26-year-old dame from South Carolina, United States

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"Know this: I am addicted to you. I have tasted your mind and I cannot forget it's flavour."

Greetings mortals, 

     I am Hannah, a 24 year old, slightly mortal South Carolinian. I enjoy writing (of course), reading (kind of goes along with the writing part), swimming (secretly a mermaid...ssshhh....), music (let's be honest, who doesn't list music in their bio?), playing piano, composing songs, and I also quite enjoy cooking (and eating). 

     My happy place is imagining I'm with my significant other, wandering some paradise of a beach, for the ocean consumes me completely, heart, mind, body, and soul (like I said, secretly a mermaid....). 

      I have a serious problem of enthralling myself with an idea and spending all of my time fixating on that said idea, ergo I lose interest and it becomes abandoned. I've started, oh, at least a dozen novels that, in my opinion, would be top sellers, had I actually had the stamina to complete them. 

     I am mostly looking for someone or a small group to do some collaborative writing with. I am utterly helpless on my own and can never complete my work so I figure if I have someone helping me, to push me and sometimes drag me along, I may just be successful here. Here's to hoping! 

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