a 33-year-old woman from Nunnayurbeez, United States

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"Cthulhu Ftaghn."

I talk too much, or not at all. Depends. Bit reclusive, me.

Someone once asked me if I was a serial killer.

Nope. Not a serial killer. Not a guy, either.

I don't talk much and prefer online relationships to the other kind, namely because in real life, my relationships are... uh, non-existent.  Plus I'm asexual. This declaration is necessary because I've had people treat me like I'm some kind of pervo. Either that or they tell me to quit breathing. nice people are awesome though. I blame my odd astrological combination of libra sun, virgo moon, and scorpio rising. Trial basis, of course; I'm a skeptic by nature.

If you need a pick me up, ask me. if you need some strangeness and friendship in small doses, ask me. if you need to troll someone... too bad.

People say I try to scare people, but I don't usually, unless SEE ABOVE. So excuse me for breathing. What is it in your own life that makes you lie to yourself about someone else?




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