a 28-year-old female from San Diego, California

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NOTE: If your eyes are sensitive to sexual encounters, drug culture, outlandish descriptions of cheese, and words like "*@^!", then you have no business reading my stories. For everyone else, welcome to the party.

Underneath this rock-hard exterior lies a hopeless romantic. So, you'll mostly find my $&*% in the Romance section. And, because old people suck, you'll also find my **!^ in the Teen/Young Adult section.

Feel free to critique my work. If you love it, awesome. If you hate it, fine. But - if you're going to talk *@#$ - you better have some specific, concrete examples or I will troll the living crap out of you.

Now that introductions are in order, let's get started.

Oh, and - don't be alarmed by Katy Perry. She's supposed to exhibit happiness and camaraderie - characteristics I clearly possess.

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