a 24-year-old cat from Texas, United States

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"I've a great ambition to die of exhaustion, rather than boredom" - Thomas Carlyle

Hello all! Name's taliko [pronounced tah-LEE-koh!] :)

Anyway, I used to be considered pretty good at creative writing, but I left the hobby behind for the sake of my sport and my business degree. Now that I'm done with both of those, I thought I'd take a stab at finishing the many projects I started and abandoned, maybe even start something new!

Sprich Deutsch mit mir! :)

Current Solo Projects:

I Am the Messenger [adapted screenplay]

Four Faces [Working Title]

To The Brink [Working Title]

Some poetry here and there :)

Current Collaborations:

Ghost Metropolis (Crow)

Tattoo (Kaalys)

Critique of all kinds is greatly appreciated, but if you're going to post "This sucks!", at least give me a few reasons why, alright? After all, the idea of this site is to practice, and how can we get better if we don't know what we need to learn?

Thanks all, hope to hear from you soon!

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