a 23-year-old chiquita from Amar-ica!, United States

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This be Lauren(or paperplanetrain) doing Jo's about me(:

Jo is the freaking amazing-est person in thee whole world, besides, JACK, Jicobi, and Dion! Cuz...they're amazing!

She's a freak by nature, covering herself with my blanket. I gotta take a picture of this!

KK it's becoming her profile pic!!

She looks gorgeousness!! She's my next door neighbor...sort of.

She's spending the night at mi casa! I love herr.

She's a vegetarian, and she lived in Germany for seis years. She's a very lovely person though. And loves many things.

But she mostly loves long walks in the snow and hates rude people.

But I love short walks with rude people(:

Check out that from House Bunny.

She's a very funny girl, but she doesn't see it. So you'll know soon enough with her....repetitive apologies(:

She's crazy. And I love her!

haha! Bye guys!(:

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