a 28-year-old cat from Mars

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"But though I'm full of anxiety, I'm ok. I won't be defeated." - Takeru from SuG

I'm Kimi. 26. Autistic. Crazy. Loud child at heart. Loves her senpai. Amateur artist. Intermediate writer. Plushie collector. Cosplayer. Visual Kei lover. A casual pokemon gamer. Cat lover. Coke (soda) addict. Twitter addict. Loki's Army. Hiddlestoner. The fangirl that ♥'s Takeru from SuG.

I have a lot of fangirl crushes. I am a huge visual kei addict, and two of my most favorite bands right now are Royz and Gotcharocka. I am also obsessed with lead singers, but I do like Kazuku from SCREW, Mizuki from Sadie and Kanon from an Cafe. I just have an infatuation for lead singers because they have beautiful voices.

Takeru is my hero. He has depersonalization disorder and arrhythmia. He also has panic attacks as well, yet despite this... he remains strong, positive and confident through all of it. He's just overcome so much that I feel like I really respect him for what he's probably dealt with. It makes me stronger as a person knowing that I should start trying to overcome my anxiety and stop letting it ruin my life. I have Takeru to thank for making me see that.

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