a 27-year-old guy from Edmonton, Canada

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"This hollow in my chest is/ filled with reasons not to sing,/ but I've found one:/ I know we are not alone!/ We feel an unseen love/ We are sons and heirs of grace/ We are children of/ A light that never dims/ A love that never dies/ So keep your chin up child,/ And wipe the tears from your eyes" -Music Box, by Thrice

Hi.  I'm Steve.  Or Steven or Sven, depending on who you talk to.  I'm a student in the professional writing program at Macewan college in edmonton.

I'm a Christian.  Jesus is a really big deal for me.  I've been through some really nasty stuff that I wouldn't have gotten through without him.  Even in good times, i always know he's there.  I bet that statement is raising a lot of eyebrows, but i'm proud of what I believe and won't try to apologize for it.  A bunch of my writing reflects that, as you'll see when i find time to get more of it up here...

I love my music.  Rock and metal are where it's at :D  My list of greatest bands ever includes Rise Against, As I Lay Dying, Skillet, Thrice, Sum 41, Demon Hunter, All That Remains, and a whole bunch more that I'm not going to bore you by typing out.

Most of my writing consists of poetry and song lyrics, but I'm also working on a fantasy novel right now.

So...I dont' really know what else to say right now, but if you ever want to talk to me or ask me questions or anything, that's totally cool!

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