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The mind in creation is like a fading coal, which some invisible influence, like an inconstant wind, awakens to transitory brightness. ~Shelly ""You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, yet everyone refuses to believe in magic."

Oh! Well, hi! I didn't see you there... forgive me for my terrible manners. I am Starwarsfreak117, and this *broad sweeping gesture* is my profile. Please make yourself at home, and stay for as long as you like. Just watch out for the dog.

I answer to Starwarsfreak117, Starwars, Starman, and to a total of three people, I am simply: Freak.

If Facebook has done one good thing for me (aside from improving my ability to type without looking), it would be leading me here. I saw the ad for this wonderful little (or not so little) community and figured it was worth a look. Now, over two years later, I am so in love with this place, that I don't know what I would do if it ever went away. 

I, like just about everyone else on this site, am an aspiring author. No surprises there. But in combination with the performer side of me (which I'll touch on in a second) I find that I enjoy writing for people. 

What does that mean? Well I'm so glad I figured you'd ask!

Writing is an art, and art is meant to be shared yes? Yes occasionally you'll have a painter paint something strictly for himself, or a poet write something to keep locked away from public eyes, but for the most part, art, and by extension writing, should be shared. I enjoy writing stories, but I get most excited when someone leaves a comment on something I've written, be it praise, critique, or just general thoughts. And that is what makes this wonderful place called Protagonize, a treasure.

Ok enough of the sentimentality and soapboxing.

I am currently a college student, who is technically a freshman, but has enough credits so that they call me a sophmore. I am looking to major in the fields of Film Production and Childhood Education, and on the side, I'd like to minor in writing. Shocker, I know!

First thing you'll notice about the majority of my writing is that the First Person Point of View is very prevalent. As you can probably tell from... well this, I like to write conversationally. I enjoy talking, and writing a character's thoughts from their own point of view, because there's a personality there. There's attitude. There's sarcasm. All those wonderful things that I like to think I exhibit in my own life. The 1st Person POV is definitely my preference, because simply put, it better connects me, and hopefully the reader, to the character.

Well I think that's just about enough of me. Thanks a bunch if you're still reading this! If you need an author, or a reader, or just someone to shoot the breeze with, shoot me a comment below, and I promise you I will always at least take a look and respond to you as best I can. Thanks!

But wait! The fun isn't over yet! Stick around for some of my favorite people in the whole wide world of Protagland!

DTMN: There are only so many ways to say that someone is a great writer, so it's always challenging to talk about DTMN because I feel like I'm always saying the same thing. But hey, nothing better than the truth right? DTMN was one of the first people I ever had contact with here on Protagonize. We joined at just about the same time, and, along with Chimerakiller2, created what remains, to this day, my favorite collaboration ever. Dylan is such an excellent writer, and better still, he's a cool guy. I have just as much fun shooting the breeze with him on Facebook, as I do writing with him, and reading his work. 

ChimeraKiller2: Again, I always say this about Chimera, but it's just too true to not be included. This guy has the best ideas. And he just pulls them out thin air. I don't know how he does it, but I'm incredibly jealous. He is another fantastic author who is great fun to do just about anything with. If you see one of his ads in the Collaborative Corner, just sign up. You won't be disappointed. 

Stargazer: Stargazer, or Lady Star in some circles where the both of us are present, is amazing. When I first read her works, I swore she was a full-blown authoress. I have had the great privilege of working with her on a variety of works, many of which have become some of my favorites. If she asks you to join her, consider it quite the honor. And give her works a look, she has enough of them to keep you going for a couple of years if you read one a day. A bunch of them have made it really far, there may be a sequel or two... just, don't take my word for it. Go read and be amazed. Go. Shoo.

DethnusAckearoseI unofficially met Dethnus through a project that he had advertised in the Collaborative Corner. He was looking for authors to volunteer their protagonists for a tournament that he was creating. He would read the bios and chapters with the characters in them, and then pit them against each other. Fast forward many many months, and I officially met Dethnus in a Collaboration created by Stargazer called Night Hawks. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with him in a few other collaborations, watching him ply his writing craft as a mercenary, a depressed cyborg, and a teenage boy who can talk to ghosts. He can fill just about any role you need, and he has plenty of things to read as well. Give him a look.

Jsimmons: I've been quite a few collaborations with Jsimmons. So many, that I can't really remember them all. They were all awesome though. J is yet another supremely talented author (this site has so many of them!) who I have the opportunity work with on many a story. Just like Dethnus, she can fit a variety of roles flawlessly. A female outlaw, a nerdy teenage girl who can control temperatures, and a shade to name a few. Speaking of a shade, she published her own book! And there is sequel in the works! :D You can find the book through her profile page, and she has a few preview pages posted as well. Give those a read for sure!

ECLIPSE: This little twerp happens to be my youngest brother. I introduced him to the site, and have been impressed with the improvement in his writing. He's currently 12, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from his writing. The two of us are a lot alike, with similar taste in books, movies, and the like, and we are constantly suggesting novels to each other as we tear through books. Definitely head his way, read a few things, and leave him some feedback!

Nyxie: Fun, sweet, and just a touch of eccentricity. Reminds me of myself actually, aside from the female part. Nyx jumped on board for the sequel to the only collaboration I've ever finished, and that sadly failed, but she has a lot of energy and enthusiasm is overall a talented authoress. I don't know that she is on much anymore, but if she ever is, give her a shout.

WhiteChocolate: This person is my real life best friend. I had the honor of introducing him to this website, and we started planning a wonderful trilogy of books that has been many years in the planning, and just as many years in the writing, and well... we're almost done. With the prologue. The most frustrating thing about this guy is that he is too much of a perfectionist. He never thinks his stuff is good enough, and is constantly rewriting. Truly though he is a great author, succeeding in the areas where I fall short. If we ever do finish our pet project, it will be perfect. Because this guy won't let it go otherwise. Check out the one page he has posted. It is part one of our lengthy prologue. 

Shally16: I met Shally a while ago in a detective-ish Collaboration (created of course by Chimera). We played a couple. In the next story that I worked on with Shally, we also played a couple. And this was true for nearly every story we worked on together. Not sure how, not sure why, but it wasn't intentional, it just happened. I had the privilege of actually finishing a story with her and the guy just below her, called Forgotten Attraction. It's a little rough around the edges, but it was so much fun to write. Give her a look.

IHateCEDA: CEDA, or Seed as he is known to a select few, is prolific. He writes the longest pages I have ever seen on this site. No joke here, his record is somewhere around 7000 words. Yeah. It's scary. He is a great author, and if you can get past his monstrous chapters, then definitely read his stuff. Just buckle up for a long, but incredible, ride!

Below are a few of my current collaborations. If you're looking for something to read, I recommend each and every one of them!

Night Hawks- Richard the Lionheart is at war, and the so called 'hero' of England, Robin Hood, is busy in Nottinghamshire. In a lonely part of England, a group of outlaws seek to fight back against the tyranny of the landowners. During their fight, they come across a secret, hidden for centuries, that dates back to when magic ruled the hopes and fears of mankind.

The Forgotten One- The rewrite of my first, and favorite, collaboration: The Heroes of Teranore. 

Decorus Virtus Academy-An academy for the gifted student, with something more than your average difference to them.

Superpowers Inc.- Want to have superpowers? Well then come to Superpowers inc! All you need is some money and a parents signature. Don't have money? Don't have parents? That's ok! Instead of taking your money, they'll just take something else... like your freedom. All you have to do is fight others to the death in an arena for the enjoyment of other human beings. No biggie right?

And the following is my own current solo project. It started as a NaNoWriMo novel, and I'm adding on to it when I can. I hope to eventually publish it.

Half an Army- A prequel story revolving around Racieus one of the main characters in the Heroes of Teranore, a story currently being rewritten by DTMN and myself.

And that's finally it! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading, thanks for bearing with me! Remember, if you need anything, just leave me a comment, and I'll do what I can!

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