a lady from the light in the darkest hour., United States

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"Being a writer is one of the only professions where it is perfectly acceptable to daydream."

 I’m different. I’m awkward. I have cracks on the glass you can call my life. People have looked at me, judged me, looked through me and out, to give another person the smile I deserved. I write to not only express myself but to show a life that I can pretend was mine. Books play like movies inside my head. Constantly, I lie on my bed and close my eyes. Then, I pretend I’m a girl whose dreams are coming true and find myself the next day with a sheet of paper in my hands. The paper will hold the same story, stories that I find myself whispering to myself in my dreams. I cherish my work, I cherish my loved ones. But why bother with people when you can read a book. You can hear the voices in your head and see the pictures. You can close your eyes and pretend that this world never existed, that, that was your world. I get drunk on books often but when I come across an untold story, I write it. It’s something that I’ll cherish forever because it gives me a little more purpose to live.

Thankyou ~xoxostarstruck

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