a 38-year-old guy from Bristol, United Kingdom

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(Irish by birth - and hence a man of nomansland.)

I like to work fast. Spontaneous prose style. So, I recommend you just post in a paragraph or two into any of my branches farely quick, or else I might beat you to it. Don't bother working out a carefully clipped character or anything. If it take more than a hour or so to write, you're probably trying too hard. This is afterall the internet, not a publishing company. Just write. If it really works out we can come back later and collaborate with the editing, and make changed etc. So, of course, any additions whatsoever are very welcome. I usually leave branches unfilled for at least a couple of hours. After that, I may or may not fill them in myself. That is, if they're not filled in within a week or so, I'll be compelled to push the story along myself. I'm impatient that way.

Looking forward to working with you, whoever you are.

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