a 22-year-old chick from wait, isn't LA, Cali in Cuba?, United States

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"sparkles bubles sparkles gum bubles sparkles!!!!!! <3"

Hiya! oK... so these r the things i love most

1. Boyz!!!! they r DA best!!!!! :P

2. bubles!!!! LOTS and LOTS of BUBLES!!!

3. last but def not least.... SPARKLES!!!

abowt me

i live in cali i have NO siblings i live in a mansion myparents are rich i have the HOTTEST boyfriend around... though we are not official yet i have beach blond hair i have pearly whites and my looks match my bf i look almost african amaricin i have a long hared chiwawa that has a pink colour and pink booties and sparkly toenails and a bubly personality to DIE for! i go to a gansta highschool and am absest with the band Cage the Elephant and i love Matt Shultz the lead singer of the band! (hey... i said my bf and i wernt official yet..... remember?  i want matt for my sweet sixteen and if i dont get him im just going to SCREAM!!!!!!!


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