a 31-year-old boy toy from Mumbai, India

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"Every simply connected, closed 3-manifold is homeomorphic to the 3-sphere." - Poincare

I like the dark, with a little bit of light on. I love writing satire, and black humor, and I like being cynical. When I said I like the dark with a little bit of light on, that little bit of light I was referring to was made out of the bodies of dead children. Get used to it. Foreshadowing. 

My writing is inspired from the non-linear writing of Ambrose Bierce to begin with, then a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe as a sort of bloody smudge, and then if you can, feel free to add to it the cute writings of Alan Moore and then finish off with the very optimistic works of Chuck Palahnuik. And then add the bodies of dead children. What will you do, arrest me? 

I like Math, in all its forms. Quantum Mechanics is a particularly powerful subject to me. Also, I very much like Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. In terms of narrative techniques, I like self-fulfilling prophecies, causality, entropy and foreshadowing. I love comic books, and I hate people who think comic books are made for children. I also like films. Don't even get me started about films. Let's not ruin this. 

I am a musician when there's some time left. If you are thinking that my instruments are made of the bodies of dead children, what's wrong with you? I play the guitar and drums, and I compose with Pro Tools. 

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