a chica from Los Angeles, California, United States

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"Never forget where you come from or you'll lose track of where you're going."

So I have this theory about the world. The thing is that I can't seem to get it out fully with my own spoken words. I must write from time to time in order to get it all out. I fear I won't have much time to do so. 

I go by Liz and I am currently 20. I attend USC in LA and I am from a little city called Compton (I'm sure you've heard of it). I've been writing since I was 10 and my first story was actually hand-written in a notebook when I was in 5th grade. Sadly, that notebook disappeared (It probably wasn't even that good anyway.)

I am involved in other things. I am a first-generation Mexican/Latina living in the United States. I am also a dancer. In addition I am a queer xicana activist; gay and involved in activism for the LGBTQIA community of color.

I am mainly a poetry writer (if it's any good) but short stories come every now and then and the big projects (like novels) are rare but usually in the works in my computer. 

Get to know me by reading some of my writing or sending me a message on Tumblr. :)

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