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Hey Whomever is reading this!

I'm Sofia: wacky, cosmopolitan, and bubbly. I usually have a lot of energy and love hanging out with people. Sometimes, though, I just need to chillax, be with my family, and think (which I do far too much) and that doesn't make me anti-social or boring. Get over it.

I love to explore, try new things, see new places, be creative, sing, play, and smile. (: I work hard in school and put my full effort into everything (except maybe cleaning my room). I like literature and writing, though I usually enjoy writing essays over stories. I can make a point clear and creatively make it convincing.

I don't live for people or for earthly matters, I live to serve the Loving Lord, the Creator and Saviour of us all. Without Him, I am nothing.

My life story? I was born in Sweden, spent my first years in Greece, lived and love Albania for ten years, and now I'm in California. Yep. It's the Missionary Kid lifestyle I've learned to live with, and even enjoy. So that's my past, the present is... just the way it is , and the future is all in God's Hands

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