an 18-year-old broad from Baker Street, United States

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"I want to thrive, not just survive."

I'll try my best not to bore you.

Do people even read these, anyways? 

I am in love with reading (obviously) and the word "magnificent". I'm shy and an INTJ. I live for things like Star Trek and Led Zeppelin. I'd say I was born in the wrong generation, but I really wasn't. Heights make me nervous and caffeine makes me jittery. I have an extensive vocabulary that is tragically wasted on obscenities (I'm the only one not complaining about that). I am fascinated by the universe and it's size.

I write a lot and too little. I prefer to write poetry and short stories.

My favorite book is I Am the Messenger by Marcus Zusak and my favorite poet is Shel Silverstein.

Color and music are two things that are very important to me.

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