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"I'd rather be a first-rate version of myself than a second-rate version of somebody else."

Okay, where to start?

I'm twenty-five, from the UK. My genres are horror and thrillers, all though I'm open to experiment :-)

I live in the suburbs in a red-bricked semi, of which I spend a great-deal-of-time-in, parked in my swivel chair writing. Writing is my passion, the one thing I've stuck at over the years which I can actually call a hobby.

I haven't graduated in English Literature or Language, as so many aspiring authors have. Neither do I have a degree in teaching nor am I a regular at weekly book-worming sessions.

I'm currently working on my first manuscript. The plan, to get it written and then edit it. As I've not graduated in Lit or Lang, nor have had any private tuition, the editing will be my biggest challenge. Therefore if you spot any fopars or grammatical slip-ups in any of my stories or branches, don't hesitate to pull me up on them! I can take-criticism-on-the-chin. I hope though you won't mark me down on the account of the odd typo. I try to keep them a minimum!

The profile pic? My writing desk! I thought it as apt as any. You know I live in a red-brick semi in the suburbs, I have to leave something to the imagination ;)

My biggest set back? Writer's-block!

My definition of writer's-block: lack of motivation and bouts of depression.

What do I think of Protagonize? Intriguing, encouraging, fulfilling, educational. Lots of pies to dip my fingers into!

Hope you enjoy my branches, and should you want me just holler! It's always great to talk to other writers regardless of experience, progress and age. What's age anyway? It's just a tag - a group we were assigned to long ago!

I look forward to reading through everyone's stories :)

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