a 20-year-old female from Connecticut, United States

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I would love to pursue my dream of becoming extremely knowledgeable in creative writing and poetry. I'm still young and in school so don't be too harsh. I love being critiqued because it's a way for me to get better. 

Being brutally honest, I love every second of my life. If there's anything i know best it's how to love something you may hate at times. I was never good at sports or getting good grades so i turned my pain into creativity. I started writing and composing music for my free time. God knows i was born with tremendous amounts of addictive genes from my alcoholic and cocaine addict parents. My sister and i both went a while addicted to heroin. I'm still experimenting and struggling with how drugs impacted my life, so i write it. My sister is two years sober and going to college to be a drug and alcohol counselor, how ironic, i know. I love my family more than anything but during these tough teenage years i depend more so on my boyfriend and friends. I'm aware i'll regret not spending time with them while i'm still young, when i'm older. 

I'm fairly quiet. I don't talk much but there's always things going on inside my head. I grew up very independent, giving me the skill of being able to learn things on my own. I was gifted the ability to read people in such a way i can tell certain situations just by piecing together little details from afar, like a detective. I would consider myself exceedingly mature for my age since i was put through difficult times as a child to shape and form me to who i am today. 

Lastly, as depressing as i seem i promise you at heart i love myself and every day i live. I fought insecurity, addiction, and anxiety so who's to say i cant fight anything? I never judge. ever. I make sure of it. I was bullied for my entire life but it doesnt even phase me now. I know my value and as long as you know yours, use common sense and be a kind human being. Respect yourself. Set goals. Love who love you and love yourself as well. :)

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