a 22-year-old funky monkey from a small little town

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"and all I loved, I loved alone" - Edgar Allen Poe

Just a small town girl!! living in a lonely world!! yess! I just  busted out my karaoke and started breaking windows 'cause I'm one dynamite gal. If you know what I mean ,jelly bean (; Oh how I love Life and it's awesomeness ! I could just pass through any dance floor and win the contest with my electrifying sprinkler move. Yup, I'm that cool (: Don't mind me I'm just going to let you in on some of my mysterious secrets. ~(^.^)~  

Anycow, I'm in the process of becoming full vegan (save the Cows!) one step at a time , there's really no reason to quite cold turkey (that's how you relapse). I'm from the sunny side and foggy weather of California; up in the bay area, whoop whoop ! Thug life! actually from the grape county where people taste wine with crackers and cheese. I'm full mexican so si hablo espanol.  Don't hate 'cause I'm bilingual. I could be trilingual, if french wasn't so difficult to learn. Je m'appelle snugglebug j'amie melon d'eau. That's all i know how to say. ohwell (: well enough about me, if I keep this going I'm going to bore you with my boringness. Hope you enjoy my poems C:

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