a 26-year-old male from London, United Kingdom

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Hey I'm Ben! Welcome to my author page.

Annually, I take part in the National Novel Writing Month of November (if you don't do that, you really should give it a try), but other than that I like to blog/share my opinions of how I view the world around me.

As I said in my blurb, I am a citizen of 2 different worlds/countries. I grew up in the UK for 19 years, born to 2 eccentric parents who, after growing up in Nebraska, decided to leave the country and never come back! Therefore, I didn't really know what it was like to live the "American life" until I moved to Seattle 5 years ago and have lived here ever since. Basketball, Baseball, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Dick's Burgers, The Bite of Seattle....I could go on and on how about how much my life has changed for the better :)

Anyway feel free to stick around. Leave a comment, message, whatever and enjoy my stories.

WIP/Published works

  • IP "Not From Around Here" (April 4 2015-) - a time travel story about a young woman named Kate who finds she is able to alter people's destiny, with consequences.
  • IP "The Other Side" (April 5 2015-) - a short memoir/something/alternate reality based on my experiences after I was hit by a car on my bike. I wanted to investigate how people come to terms with grief and fight against injustice.
  • IP "Shikata ga nai (It cannot be helped)" (10 January 2016-) - A story of those who held dignity and fought for what was right, in one of the darkest moments of US history. Act 1 "Beneath The Surface" ETA Late February 2016 coming soon.
  • "Untitled Fable project" (WIP)

Scrapped concepts

  • Scrapped "Are We On The Same Planet?" (April 5 2015) - a short humor/parody/satire story based upon an alien who, after embarrassing his parents, is exiled to a small rural town in Nebraska.

One-page experimental stories

  • "Life" (Experimental Writing)

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