a 20-year-old dude from Canada

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my name's newt!

i have a habit of jumping from one story to another so i want to try... posting online to keep me a bit grounded. 

i also love to talk, like a lot. 

i have two leopard geckos who are my faves, 10/10. i fully recommend asking about them. i also have a dog who's weird and great too. i just... really like my animals omg sorry. 

ye, so idk what else to say?? i write all kinds of fiction but my guilty pleasure fiction is contemporary coming of age stories. i'm going to start writing one soon, called "Where the Pretty Things Went to Die", so i might post it.

my long-term project is called "They Were Kings" so you might hear about that as well.

and now? goodbye? 

(also, i swear i write better than i wrote here. i'm just... rlly lazy with bios.)

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