a dame from Earth...or something like it, United Kingdom

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"Otto Hoorah- I'm glad you liked the picture, you did like the picture? Maxwell Smart- I liked it so much I saw it once! the original and best Get Smart :)"

I am Jess, its a title not a name! I'm a theatre student at wonderfull York, I like comedies and wish I could write them, I like all things arty, except opera. Ben and Jerrys is amazing, I have a space hopper.

I like kids books, they're just more interesting, Harry Potter by JK Rowling, Artemis Fowl by Eion Colfer, Keys to the kingdon by Garth Nix, Darkside By Tom Becker, genius! Also absolutely adore pulp detective stories, big book of pulps ftw!

This site reminds me of choose your own adventure books that I read when I was a kid, ahh the memories.

I also have an account on here with my friend Sabrina, sebnjess.

Please feel free to post on any of my stories, Sam Noir is and probably always will be a favorite of mine, as well as my story on here I write plays about him which are a whole lot of fun!

Erm yeah be happy, keep writing, cool beans!

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