a 17-year-old chiquita from Lala Land

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"I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met." -Unknown

Half of the time, I'm not really here.

I mean, physically I'm here, in this small town. But mentally, I am in a small white cottage with a colorful garden, listening to music as I read and write. That, my fellow Protagonists, is my happy place. I have spent the majority of this year there, because I don't like where I really am. It's not that I'm in a 'harmful situation' or anything like that, it's just that I don't like it here. If you had lived here for the past 5 (almost 6) years, you would understand.

Well, hope you enjoyed my little ramble up there. But now you probably want to know about me- who I am, what I like and don't like, blah blah blah.

How about this- If you want to know something about me, just ask. Then I won't waste my time writing a novel of a profile and you won't waste your time reading all of it when you just want to know it what my favorite kind of music is. (It's alternative, by the way.)

So it's a win-win situation; everybody's happy. Good!

I'm going to go write now.


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