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My name is Kathreen. I'm an English major at the University of Iowa, primarily studying creative writing. I love fantasy, especially Eragon (for the dragons) and Lord of the Rings (for the beautiful descriptions). I am a fast reader, so don't expect me to take very long to read and rate/comment on your story.

P.s. I only read/like stories, so don't expect any help on poetry.

For now I am here to see what kind of writing is going on in this community. I do rate harshly, and grammar is important too. If people are never honest about ratings, then how are you going to improve?  Maybe one day I'll upload one of my stories, but for now, I'd prefer not to have my ideas stolen. It's a dangerous world you know.


Edit: after reading quite a few stories and ratings on Protagonize, I would like to point out to anyone who may be reading this (most likely to post comments complaining about a bad rating) that the 5 stars is for PERFECT. Not for "your my friend and I like this." The ratings are here to help people improve in their writing. People may think that they are doing their friends a favor by giving them false praise, but you are really hurting them in the long run when they get rated badly by a real critic and can't figure out what happened. Sorry if I hurt your feelings with a "mean" rating or comment, but I have seen too many authors bottom out when they hit the real world.

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