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"The timber wolves will be our friends, we'll stay up late and howl, at the moon, till nighttime ends, before going on the prowl."

Ok so judging by other profiles i should write bout myself but there is not enough space to tell a lot. As you can probably see by my email address i am half French half English and yes i'm fluent in French and English and no i don't know which language i happen to think in. Thought i should answer the most frequently asked questions :D words often used to describe me are fiesty,short,scary,bubbly,tiny,UNPREDICTABLE and little (not that short i swear ;) )

I'm in to all sorts of music and i love it, always humming or singing, which is why im always getting in trouble during lessons.

Writing is my break where i can let myself wander in dream land often with my friend 'stargazer' xx

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