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Coming from a South Indian family, but spending 18 long years in the northern part of this country, I've evolved a lot! Yes! not change I call it. That's evolution. Discarding the unwanted and welcoming the ones needed. Knowing 4 languages, my greed has filled up all the crevices. I want to learn more and more. Explore.

Well, if you're looking for a perfect poetic person, with a rhyming aura, I can't promise if you're going through the right piece of work. Because I'm pleased by words grouped in a way they make sense. Sounding the same in the end isn't the priority "for me". I try to be simple and penetrate every mind instead of just bouncing off. Still I like playing with words.

Music is my key to the other world. No matter how bad a day is, I can forget everything if its the right song being played. I adore classics, but any change isn't unwelcomed. Inheriting a sweet voice, I tap my feet and sing to the music trying to spread magic. I won't mind "no attention". Because singing satisfies me. And that's the reason I'm into it.

If it is a stranger talking to me, I take care that I'm as sweet as sugar topped with honey so that I don't make the other person feel ill at ease. With so many experiences, I don't hunt with vengeance but try not to let others experience that ignorance.

I never take a pen and paper and just start scribbling. Things occur. And I wait. I don't write because I want to. I don't use my brain and the pen. Its my brain and my pen using me. I'm just a medium. 

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