a 24-year-old guy from Winchester, United Kingdom

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"I find God in nature not in a church or in a book - Andrew Jordan"

Hi! I'm Rob and I apparently write good lyrics so I created this to show them off since no one was actually looking at my blog. :P

my writing influences are: Jesse Lacey, Andrew Jordan and Jason Lancaster

favourite poem / song:

I found it hidden in your blush
Caught up in an involuntary rush
There's no need to put up such a fuss
If theres more to this than baby
Why are you so hush

Your the flood
That carries me out to sea
Came out of nowhere and swept me off my feet
I run your lengths
and you know I am in no rush
So take your time
You leave me reeling for your touch

We are victims of the crush
Swear I know heaven from your touch
But your silence is salt poured into the cuts
If theres more to this baby
Don't be so hush

love: when you find someone who you know could do way better than you, but they say you can do better than them

i got a C in english, but i've got rythm in my soul.

no i don't read, but i don't write either. x

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