a female from Northern Ontario, Canada

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"Before you judge others, take a good look at yourself first!"

My name is Sherry and I love to write stories and poetry.  I graduated with honours from secondary school in 1995.  I went back to re-educate myself and while there, I really became interested in English.  It was my favourtie subject.  It taught me that, yes, I can write.  I was elated to find this out at such a later date.  I love to write stories.  Give me a topic and I can do anything with it.  I love living in the Northern Hemisphere.  We get all four seasons here and it suits me just wonderfully.  I've done a lot of fantastic things in my life and have a vast life experience because of it. I enjoy music, camping, walking, comraderie, shopping, sharing my life with my significant other, plus my dog.  I have a zest for life and I love photography.  Need I say more?

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