a 40-year-old man from Indianapolis, United States

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"Are we there yet?"

Hello. I am a science fiction writer that is 38 years of age from Indianapolis I am hoping to meet fellow writers who would like to do a collaboration on some of my existing work and vice versa.

It is my goal to get my work adapted to anime film, graphic novel and into a run of the mill movie.  That all begins with creating a good story that can project to various audiences. If you are someone that enjoys a lot of imagination in your work, unique characters, strong imagery and strong back drops of characters than let's build something together.

I have unofficially been a writer for 27 years. I began with narrative poems and prose. I once believed that writing existed within something that resembled community in its culture. I found the exact opposite I found snobbish attitudes, rude comments, entitled attitudes and some people with a lot of education hat wanted you to win there approval. What happened to great writers mentoring unschooled writers?

Of course there are realities in being a writer and of course being able to make a career out of it. There are rules to playing the "Big 6's" game. I look at the pioneers of my genre like Stephen King, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and so many other writer's of graphic novels. I also look at the decline in the strong story line of films. For instance there are no more "Mask Of Satan" movies. No more Christopher Lee's. No more Blacula's. No more Devil's Advocate. No more of the suspenseful imagination of Vincent Price

Nothing is original. Everything is pieces of  someone else's life's work. What happened to raw potential  and creating something phenomenal? What happened to actually being frightened when you look at a movie? I have contacted dozens and maybe even hundreds of high profile people and just as many washed up ones trying to break into the industry and fulfill the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" routine that everyone you talk to vomits all over you when you bring up this subject.

So despite horrific odds and what shape the craft has taken on I still write. I am somewhere between hope and misery.  A place where I can expect people to be people, but still be enough of an optimist that my career situation will change. That I will be able to write that one supernatural fiction story that will be someone's "first experience".

For me creating in this magnitude doesn't have to be a solo thing. To me we can create and grow together. We can support each other by composing a literary work that goes balls to the wall. A work that will put food n the table and college education on the horizon. A work that will creating book signings and discussions on radios shows and film festivals.

I m looking for collaborations with people who have it in them to do what Bill gates did with Paul Allen and be able to craft what Steve Jobs did with our create a legacy. Something more than just a name, or snobbish social status.

I have been to college 6 times and each time I tell myself that I am going to pursue an English degree. Only to find myself bogged down with what are allegedly the realities of my age and life situation. Each time I have tried to go to school for something that was not in my lane. Something that would pay well instead of what I love.

Now a lot of school loans later I realize that if you do something you love and are passionate about it will breed its own success. That is what I believe. Maybe I am out of touch with the way things go I the modern world. Maybe writing the most amazing story I have ever written will not be my salvation as a writer. Its only one way to find out.

I look forward to meeting Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Not clones and thieves..

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