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"At school they said my style was bad, but it's my art even if it pleases no-one but myself." - a line from The Counterfeiters (that's a film not a book).

In Queen Charlotte's Hospital on the 16th September 1992 the halls of the maternity ward rang with the shrill cries of a new born child who - unbeknownst to either himself or his family - was a prodigy who would transform the face of literature and shake the artistic world to its very core.

Two beds down from this infant lay my good self.

And that's basically me, my teachers despair that my essay writing has too much flair and I'm too individual. So I figure that it's time to put those vices into an arena where they will be propperly appreciated...hopefully.

I can turn my hand to just about any style but I have a penchant for fantasy, satire and dystopia. 

I think Stephen King is the best storyteller I have ever read: The Dark Tower series was mindblowing, you can see so much of King's life in this magnum opus.

I should have been born in a previous time as a shaman in some Navajo tribe, unfortunately I'm stuck in dear old England in the year 2009 - for the time being. Then again I suppose that that's why a lot of people write isn't it? To create their own worlds and characters to suit them.
I just hold true to what Stephen King said in a Foreword in one of his novels: "I love that people can come and hang out in my imagination" - you say true I say thankee sai.

Anyway watch this space, feedback is always welcome - both good and bad.

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