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"Misunderstood is the dark. The dark is seen as some element of fear, evil, and malevolence. But answer this.....where were you created? The light? Or the dark? You were kept inside the dark before you were even created. Your soul split in two. When the two halves came together, you were still in the dark. Grown in the dark, fed in the dark, and loved in the dark. Later, you stepped into the light and were told the dark was bad. But when you are truly in danger. Do you hide in the light?"

I'm 18 and as insane as they come HAHAHAHAHA! Besides my numerous psychological problems I'm probably one of the loyalest friends you'll ever have......or damn close at least lol. I have crazy ideas and love to share them with people. I often picture entire movies or stories in my head and I always want to write them out somehow and make them into a cool story. Sadly, I am not the most gifted person at writing my inner thoughts hahaha! If you read any of my stories you'll see what I mean. So, I highly appreciate any help anyone can give me (PLZ!) so I can polish up my writing skiddadlzzzz. more about me I guess. I'm Cuban born in Cuba and raised here in the states. I'm a zombie fanatic and highly look forward to the apocalypse (should it ever come......i hope). Um....damn I can't think of anything else so if there is anything else just talk to me. See ya!

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