a 30-year-old dudette from usa, United States

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"Die in the face!"

I'm  a married, mother of 3, I enjoy writing but my grammar isn't the best. I also love to do crafts, draw, crochet, and do anything outdoors.  To be completely honest, I have a grocery list of mental disabilities.  Bipolar 2 and anxiety being the worse two. Sometimes its like I have more than one personalities. Over the years I've tried dealing with it the best I can. I don't really have friends, and I don't get along with most of my family. Guess you can say I'm a lone wolf. I enjoy anime, gardening, fishing, nature walks. I tend to have bit of a dark side, but I'm not like evil. I'm anti abortion, now notice I said I am. That does not mean I will judge you if you choose abortion. I will not throw it down your throat. I just choose myself to be anti abortion. My life is not the worst, but its also not the best. There's a lot of stuff I refuse to talk about, which is why I hate psychiatrists. If you'd like to talk to me remember I'm married. Do not flirt with me!      

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