a 60-year-old male from ?, United States

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"Those who seek Understanding and the gifts she bestows we call the Sons of Heaven. Those who pass all understanding shall be burned upon the Lathe of Heaven."

Hello everyone. I'm new here at Protagonize, so this will probably change over time. I am a writer, which is a very good prerequisit to have upon joining a site that deals with writing. I love to write interactive erotic fiction, and I am a member of Chyoo. I don't limit myself to certain categories. Mostly I write when I feel inspired by something I've read. I love collaborating with others, which is why I love interactive sites such as this one and, well you know.

I am a bit aloof at times, and I love to inject humor into things from time to time. After all, humor is key to keeping ones sanity in a world that has suddenly seemed to go madder than a nurse in a room full of broken thermometers. Never take things too seriously.

Besides writing, I also love graphic design, anime, manga, yuri, and yaoi. I design skins and objects for The Sims 1 game, and I am currently signed up as a developer at IMVU. I also write poetry. Hopefully much better poetry than Vogons write.

Well I guess that's about it for now. Thank you all.

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