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"Life is both dreadful and wonderful." -Thich Nhat Hanh


Welcome to Sentient: The Community Novel Experience!  

Our Mission is to develop a serial fiction series that addresses animal rights through community involvement.

Genre: Dystopian Fiction/Science Fiction/Magical Realism/Vegan Fiction
Audience: Young Adult/Adult

U.S.A., 2044. The agribusiness industry has dramatically changed the landscape and the way people live. Drinkable water is scarce, the populace is suspicious and disconnected, and animal rights activists are all but extinct under the current administration.
Bray, Cage, and their allies are the new face of hope-but they need your help! Join now, vote on the outcome of each episode, and shape the future!

How it Works:
Sentient is divided into Seasons. If you like what you've read on here, then head on over to my Patreon site at and become a patron at only $2/month to continue voting!

Each Season, we upload an Episode per week to our Patreon site (Thursdays, 5pm EST).
*EACH EPISODE IS SIMPLY AN EARLY DRAFT -Just enough information for you to vote! 
At the end of each Episode, you as a Patron will be provided with 2 options on which to vote. Majority votes determine what happens throughout the Season. Each Season will be printed into more edited, serial Volumes for your enjoyment. And then, once the Series ends, this will be drafted into a final, full-length novel in which YOU participated!

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