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"And that's how Sue C's it. -Glee"

Yo I'm scythe and I really like writing and stuff. So yeah. =D I really like Twilight and Harry Potter. So feel free to talk to me about Edward Cullen and all that stuff. I do not like Robert Pattinson a whole lot though. Taylor Lautner is amazing and completely hot and anyone who says different is insane. He's up there with like Channing Tatum. =D Oh yeah, I love Dear John too! The notebook was good until like the end. It was sort of strange. Anyway, I am planning on reading more Nicholas Sparks eventually!

So yeah, I'm bored right now. So I figured I might as well put some stuff up on my profile. If you're wondering 'WHERE IS THIS FREAKY AVATAR FROM?' it's from Vampire Knight. Kaname Kuran. I admit, I've only read up to volume six or so...But I didn't like the story as much as it got to about there so I haven't read past that. Sorry. XD I just really liked this picture. If you have absolutely no idea what Vampire Knight is, it's a manga. I used to like always be reading manga but I haven't as much recently...I'm wondering why that is now. I'm just busier. So yeah...If you haven't noticed I tend to just randomly end things with...And I used smilies a lot. But oddly, I don't use chat speak normally unless I'm texting. 

I enjoy doing Tae Kwon Do. And no, I know someone is going to ask this, I am not a black belt. Yet...I'm in band and I play the flute. Last year I played saxophone in jazz band. I really wanted to again this year but decided to take French instead. My favorite musical artist is Taylor Swift. I listen to almost anything. Except for metal. It's just...strange for me. What else is there to put here? Hm...It's really cloudy outside right now. I just noticed that. Seriously. It doesn't rain much here. 

Oh oh and! If I commented on your story and it sounds rude, it's not meant to be. It's probably just me being silly. I can't be rude at all. So I'm not criticizing your work or trying to make you feel bad. It's just me being me. If I do hurt your feelings, I'm truly sincerely sorry. D= If it really, really bothered you. Please just tell me and I'll apologize. I don't mean to be mean. Wow that rhymes! Mean and mean. Strange...

Things That I Dislike/Hate:


  • Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
  • Girly things, although I do have my girly moments
  • Stereotypical groups in stories
  • Corny love stories, although adore Romeo and Juliet scenarios. They just can't be really...corny and sappy. 
  • The idea of 'love at first sight.' It's impossible to fall in love with someone just be looking at them when you don't know anything about them yet. To me at least. You might think this is a case, but I seriously doubt that it actually happens.
  • People who hate Twilight and/or Harry Potter because of the fact that it's popular.
  • Shark finning! Save the Sharks people!
  • Faeries
  • Princesses-Not like actual princesses but one's for little girly girls. 
  • Beauty pageants/beauty Queens
  • Cheerleaders-I have no problem with you if you are a cheerleader. It's just in football games and all they're so girly.
  • Ballet-I was forced to take it when I was like five. I will never ever wear tights or those horrible shoes.
  • James Bond

Things I Like:


  • Twilight-New Moon is my favorite
  • Harry Potter
  • Writing/Reading
  • Marine biology. 
  • Sharks-I know like more than most people do about sharks. Unless you want to be extremely confused and get long explanations. Just don't ask. But I'm not like a marine biologist or anything. It's just a hobby. I used to want to be a marine biologist but now I wanna be a nurse.
  • Environmental issues-No I'm not saying I like global warming and stuff like that. I'm saying that I like people helping with it and all. 
  • Little kids. =D I love kids! 
  • Bones
  • Monk-which is sadly over. -tear-
  • Glee

By the way, I think I'm good most of the time about fixing typos. But I do have a brace on my wrist and it might be broken so if there's a bit of an increase in those that could be a possible reason.

So the way I rate. It's very hard to get a five from me. So if you do: Good job. =D But I don't honestly believe that nearly every piece deserves a 4.5 like I see nearly all of them have. So I'll be honest in my ratings, and only give those ratings to the ones that really stood out to me and I didn't see any major flaws with.



So the way my collaborative stories work. I like REALLY don't like it when people play my characters. 'Cause most of the time people just can't play them. So my collaborative stories are like role plays if any of you have ever done them. Where we all have our own characters and take turns back and forth. I mean if you really hate this idea for some reason, I can deal with it. But I just find it a whole lot more fun if you actually try it that way. And things just get a bit confusing if everyone's playing the same two characters. =D

Currently Reading: 

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

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