a 46-year-old

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Native Brit, living and working near Münster, Germany. I have been putting pen to paper,
or tapping out various junk that's never seen the light of day beyond the word processor
for as long as I can remember. A keen blogger, I write about what I know best, which is
mainly my Christian faith, and the Bible. I'm also fascinated by the paranormal, maybe
more than I should be, and this also seeps into my work. More than seeps of late, as those
who stop by my work on here will see.

I'm happily married to a native German gal, and we have two kids who do everything in
their power to distract my creative impulse.

Finally I am knuckling down to write the novel we're all supposed to have inside of us,
and showcasing it here for criticism, praise, or whatever.

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