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"Life isn't about how to survive the storms, it's about how to dance in the rain."

Writing is my soul, I'm pretty sure of that now.

[My main work in progress, SEASONS of the SOUL, is my baby and I'm too scared to put it on here. Message me if you're interested in being a beta reader or critiquing the odd chapter. Note that I don't post my main works on here as I'm sort of private about my writing and tend to keep it to myself. I use Prog for collabs (check out FLASH, I'm writing as Elliot with HeyJude and Maggie4ever) the odd piece of poetry and works that I cannot commit as much time to.]

I am a firm believer that hot buttered toast is an appropriate snack at any time of day.

I play piano a lot; it helps me think clearly, helps me write better.

I like small things like battery operated fairy lights, posters, Smarties, coloured pens and the word simplicity. If I could I'd go nowhere without these things. 

I also love those things in life that are free, like nature, friends, family, and love. Whatever cards you're dealt in life I really believe you must play them - God is in control of the game, even if the cards you were dealt aren't your choice. At the end of the day the sky doesn't even have a limit, and the day doesn't wait for anybody. 

I hope you enjoy my writing, and even if you don't - please let me know what you think so I can consider your thoughts and improve my work. 


P.S. Praise God, for He is good.

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