a 36-year-old ragamuffin from an old Roman town, United Kingdom

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"I am a pitless peach, proud of my fuzz."

Writing has always been my one form of communication that I've been good at (at least I think I am- feel free to prove me wrong). 

I would love to write novels and I'm sure I could but nothing I've written has become one yet. So I just write random things, essays if you will, poetry and parts of intended novels.  I may even try childrens books.  Sadly I'm more of a dreamer than a doer so the chances of getting anything published, or anything worth publishing are probably nil. And yet, if I wasn't a dreamer I probably wouldn't even be a writer.

What I haven't have had yet is any feedback so hopefully I will get constructive criticism here.  And maybe even inspiration from everyone else.

Feel free to make note of any grammatical errors in my writings. I hate grammar and yet I appreciate it's purpose.

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