a 25-year-old broad from Corpus Christi, United States

Send to a fan or friend name is Savanna, but most people call me Vanna or Savvy. I started writing poetry when I was twelve and then went to short stories when I reached high school. I still do both when I can. Most of what I write is horror fiction, but I'm trying to write something different. Most of my short stories are inspired either by true events or something else I've read. My first post titled "The Gateway" was inspired by a Creepy Pasta I read called "Gateway of the Mind". I read that and decided that a story needed to be told from the patient's point of view. I'm someone who lives for constructive criticism because without it, I could never improve. So, don't be afraid to let me know if you don't like what I've written and why it wasn't good to you.

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